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There will be 2-4 more songs included on the album and we won’t be including the Dr. Dog cover. We hope you enjoy our music!

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Love, Scarlett

Me and one of my sweet treasures, a beautiful vintage Gucci bag!

Me and one of my sweet treasures, a beautiful vintage Gucci bag!

The Debut Album

It shakes us, it quakes us, it makes us goose-pimply all over…its our album. 3 years of work, dedication to suffering for the art (nearly all of our effort has been self-financed) and its going to drop in March. Feelings? Like my stomach is literally going to turn inside out over it because 1) Even if the two to 20 people buy it I will be worried what those 2-20 people will be thinking at every inflection of my voice. 2) I fear so much that they are going to turn it off, that radio DJ’s will turn down our request to play it, that everyone everywhere will decidely tell us to stop making music indefinitely and give up on any/all dreams we had to make it. Seriously that is what’s in my head.

So what’s in my heart? This stirring passion that flows when I sing and comes out in my writing and vibrates when I stroke chords carefully placed together…that feeling like I am finally free, that feeling that feels like your living your life exactly as you mean to, that love is what drives me to sing again and again for all of my life. I can’t turn it off. My heart seems to race at the thought of getting our music “out there” on the world wide web and completely overflows when I think about people listening and connecting with it. That gives me chills. The good kind.

My heart and head could never reconcile on this matter. Half wants to be a nobody playing for everyone who will hear me my whole life. The other half wants the possibility, the dream, the what if fantasy that eventually this could be what we do for a living, making music. 

That last sentence just gave me chills! The good kind. The musicians I know understand that reference. Soul shaking music is what we want to make as The Lonesome Doves. If you’ll lend your ears we might just move you. I hope come March 22nd when everything becomes available on itunes and amazon that you will let us. Who knows what is to come. All I can strive for is to keep this date and not push it back again and to trust in whatever happens.

~Scarlett (The 1/2 of The Lonesome Doves that sings…and writes occasionally)

So we are nominated for this gig of a lifetime at the Grammy’s..wow. But it’s like us and over 500 other nominees…not so wow! But bring it on, we still have a chance to get selected in the top 40 by the cool judges they have. We are excited, and I’ve been staying up late at night when I should be sleeping playing new songs on the UKE. Sean’s been writing a lot lately, and I’ve been the one on the instruments, usually its the other way around. Anyways, if we do get the chance to be in the top 40 applicants I am going to strive to get some votes out of this thing. C’mon America, send some down to Earth nobodies to LA and let us play music for and with the best! How inspiring and amazing would that be??

Howdy folks! My husband and I love playing music together. We’ve been working so hard for our debut album and its exciting to be always playing music with him!

Here’s a sweet video of us doing our thing, playing a song I wrote called “Happy tears”

Love & Peace & Good Music to ALL!


Photo Credit: Sean Compton May 2012

Photo Credit: Sean Compton
May 2012

In honor of National Wildflower week (May 4-12th) I am planting the wildflower doves that Chase and Erin gave out as wedding favors to everyone. I’ll be posting soon with pics of how everything turned out. Hopefully this can lead to being a great pin on pinterest or something.

~The Lonesome Doves


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